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Ideal for businesses without a web-team



Everything in Tech Support

– Unlimited 24/7 Website Edits
– Unlimited Website Projects
– Custom Page Design
– 24/7 Chat Support

Are you a business without a web-team looking for comprehensive website support? Look no further than our Website Support service from AMIEG LLC, priced at just $149 USD per month.

Our Website Support service provides everything included in our standard Tech Support package, plus additional features designed to provide businesses with the support they need. With unlimited 24/7 website edits, businesses can make changes to their website at any time without worrying about additional fees. Additionally, our Unlimited Website Projects feature allows businesses to undertake as many website projects as they need without any limitations.

Custom Page Design is another valuable feature of our Website Support service. Our team of experienced designers can create custom pages that align with your brand’s style and messaging.

At AMIEG LLC, we understand the importance of providing timely support to our clients. That’s why we offer 24/7 Chat Support, which allows clients to get in touch with our support team quickly and easily. Our support team is always ready to assist with any website-related issues or concerns.

Overall, AMIEG LLC’s Website Support is an ideal solution for businesses without a web-team looking for comprehensive website support. For just $149 USD per month, businesses can receive unlimited 24/7 website edits, unlimited website projects, custom page design, and 24/7 chat support. Contact us today to learn more about this valuable service.


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